Honda Graduate Program

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After the long all-night study sessions, countless coffees and energy drinks, highlighters, and stacks of expensive books, you finally made it to the end. You "turned your tassel" from the right side to the left to commemorate your graduation. Finally receiving your diploma means that you will finally be getting the rewards that come after all the hard work. You made it, and now we want to help you celebrate.

College is finally behind you. So why not step into those big new shoes, and put those stereotypical college characteristics behind you. Some of the most distinct college student labels being eating cheap ramen and driving a lemon of a car. We may not be able to help you with the ramen, though we can point you in the direction of some great restaurants and grocery stores, we can help you purchase the car every graduate deserves.

Let Honda Financial Services (HFS) do what it does best, and help get you into the Honda of your dreams. With exceptional financial rates on select Honda models, you will be sure to find the car you always wanted in school that might have been slightly out of your reach. Be sure to take advantage of your hard work by letting Honda give you an opportunity exclusively available to recent graduates.

  • Flexible and competitive financing, lease and purchase-plan packages on any new or Certified Used Honda Vehicle
  • Deferred first-payment option for 90 days, with 60 days of no interest*

*Available only on traditional financing.

  • 5% minimum down payment
  • No adverse credit history
  • Verifiable proof of employment or a firm commitment from an employer with a start date no more than 120 days from the date of the finance contract
  • Graduate with a master's, bachelor's or associate degree from a U.S.?accredited two- or four-year college or registered nursing school
  • Have graduated in the past two years or will graduate in the next four months, from the date of the finance contract
  • Provide Honda of Morgan Hill with the credit and document requirements
See Honda of Morgan Hill for details on current offers eligible with the Honda Graduate Program.

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