A Vehicle Dashcam Allows for Practical Uses and Unexpected Recordings

Have you ever been on the road when something occurred, and you wished that you had a vehicle dashcam? Whether it’s something good, or bad, it seems cameras are responsible for all the videos that are popping up and going viral over the internet every day.

These are 5 reasons to use a vehicle dashcam:

  1. Video evidence that can be used for any traffic accident dispute.
  2. Continuous recording when parking your vehicle in a parking garage or questionable location.
  3. Recording of pedestrian errors that would typically result in driver responsibility.
  4. Being able to capture an unexpected event in real time that would otherwise not be recorded, while driving.
  5. Video documentation of a planned long-distance road trip or rare adventure.

Be sure to contact Honda of Morgan Hill if you have any questions about vehicle dashcams! And don’t forget to schedule your vehicle repair needs with our service center!



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