How to Test Your Honda Car's Battery Like a Professional

If you can safely test your car battery, you can determine if it needs replacing or maybe a cable has come loose and needs to simply be tightened. To test the car battery, you'll need safety goggles, gloves, and a voltmeter.

  • Be sure your car is not running and you have turned the car lights off too.
  • Open the hood, locate the battery, clear off any corrosion on the terminals.
  • The voltmeter has a red positive cable that goes to positive on the battery, black cable to negative on battery.
  • If the voltmeter shows a reading of 12.4 or better, the battery is fine and it might be a loose cable. If the voltmeter shows a 12.2 or less, then you need to get the battery inspected because it might be about to fail.

At the first sign of car battery trouble, visit Honda of Morgan Hill so we can help diagnose the issue.

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