Stay Up-to-Date with Your Horsepower Needs

Mileage, features, and price are all important factors when purchasing a new vehicle. Another important piece of information for vehicle buyers is the horsepower. Knowing the horsepower of an engine can give the buyer a lot of information about the vehicle before they even sit behind the wheel.

Horsepower is a unit of measurement that is equal to the power of one horse moving 33,000 pounds of coal one foot in a minute. Today's consumers can compare one engine's horsepower to another engine's horsepower. Back in the eighteenth century, steam engine customers used horsepower to compare an engine's power to the workload of the common draft horse.

James Watt had created a new steam engine. He wasn't seeing a lot of success in selling his machines even though they were far superior to any other models on the market. Coal mine owners were Watt's primary customers, and they were satisfied with the work produced by their horses. Furthermore, they were dissatisfied with the steam engines they had already tried and were reluctant to invest money in another inferior machine.

Watt developed the measurement of the horsepower by observing workhorses in the mines. After he created the measurement, he was able to use it to convince miners to try his new steam engine. His idea was so successful that other companies adopted the idea and used horsepower to sell their engines too.

Today, consumers are still concerned about an engine's horsepower. Contact our team at Honda of Morgan Hill to learn more about horsepower in today's vehicles.

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