Do You Know If Your Alternator Is Working as It Should?

Your vehicle's electrical system can be a tricky thing to understand. It is, however, important to gain at least a basic idea of how things work to ensure that you are able to keep the system properly maintained. First thoughts may go to the battery, but your vehicle's alternator is just as important to the system.

The alternator of your vehicle functions, essentially, as a generator. Once your vehicle is started, all electrical components are powered by the alternator. This is accomplished by the engine spinning wheels which are linked, one connected to the engine the other connected to the alternator. The cranking of the wheel attached to the alternator generates power.

Like all parts, your alternator will fail over time. If you are experiencing dimming lights or a warning light that looks like your battery is suddenly on, then it may be time to get your alternator serviced. Come see the mechanics in our service center at Honda of Morgan Hill, and we'll get you fixed and on your way.

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