Two Ways HondaLink® will Benefit You

Owners of select Honda models have access to HondaLink®. Uploaded to your in-car multimedia system and a compatible phone, users will have access to various advantages at all times. Below, we list two of its benefits.


With the HondaLink® app, you can transform your Apple or Android smartphone into a tool for your car. It can be utilized for Remote Start, which is a great way to turn on the ignition and warm up the interior during colder months. Additionally, it will notify you via Security Alarm Alert if triggered so you can keep an eye on your vehicle. Furthermore, it features a Dashboard that showcases records like mileage and fuel level, Vehicle Notifications that signals maintenance is due, and more.


You always have information at your fingertips with HondaLink®. For instance, you can always find a digital copy of your owner's manual if you lose the physical copy. You can also schedule your next service appointment directly through your device and get reminders when the date is coming near. There is even a Personal Concierge feature that will connect you to specialists that will ensure you get VIP treatment by helping you plan trips, book hotels, make restaurant reservations, and more.

Speak with a Honda Specialist

If you live nearby Morgan Hill, California, and are curious to know more about HondaLink® and other exclusive Honda benefits like it, then visit us at Honda of Morgan Hill. An expert from our staff will go over the details with you and answer any of your questions so you are fully informed. And if you do not happen to own a Honda model yet, then we can help you with that too.

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