Keep Your Vehicle Safe with Quality Tires

Tires are an important part of your vehicle and contribute to more than we often think about. Tires effect fuel economy, ride comfort, and drive control. It is smart to do two simple checks on your tires regularly to ensure your safety.

Tire Pressure Check

Checking your tire pressure may seem monotonous, but it is important to keep your tires wearing regularly. When your tires pressurized to the recommended amount they better avoid punctures, give you more control, and increase ride comfort. When you check your tire pressure make sure to do so before your first drive of the day. When you drive, your tires get hotter and the air pressure increases thus, you can get bad pressure readings and not have fully pressurized tires.

The Penny Test for Tread

Tire tread depth is important to your vehicles traction on the road, this is even more prevalent when driving in poor road conditions. To check your tread depth at home you can use the penny test. You take a penny and flip it so Lincoln's head is upside down, you then place the penny in the tread to measure depth. If the top of the President's head is showing, then you should consider looking for new tires. Make sure to check all four tires when you are doing the penny test, and different spots on the tires to ensure that there is even tread wear.

If you are worried your tread is too thin, schedule a time to bring your vehicle by our Service Center in Morgan Hill, CA for an inspection.

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