What To Expect Next After Your Lease Ends at Honda of Morgan Hill

Car leasing is an attractive alternative to buying for many shoppers, and it makes better vehicles available at lower costs. In-depth research is essential for any person leasing an automobile to get a clear understanding of the terms and conditions. Before driving back to Honda of Morgan Hill at the end of your lease, we encourage you to explore the different options available.

• You can give us back the keys and walk away after a thorough vehicle inspection at our lot. You will be responsible for any damages and existing penalties.

• You can also purchase your leased Honda at an agreed-upon price. You'll pay for the residual value of the car if the deal is favorable.

• Re-leasing is an option that grants you the opportunity to drive a new Honda vehicle every 2-3 years. The option suits the driver`s changing needs.

Before returning your leased Honda to us, you should clean the vehicle and repair any damages as best as you can. And when you do make your way back to Honda of Morgan Hill, our leasing specialists will clearly lay out all of your options to make this decision straightforward and easy!

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