Don't Ignore Those Warning Lights

It is something we have all experienced before: You are driving down the road when all of sudden, you see a yellow glow out of your peripheral vision on the dashboard below. You glance down and it is the service engine light signaling that something is wrong with your vehicle.

The warning lights on vehicle dashboards are how our cars communicate to us that something is wrong and it behooves us to figure out what that is and take care of it before something major happens. Unfortunately, our vehicles can only convey what is a matter in general terms and to figure out what is really wrong, (and consequently what needs to be replaced) your vehicle needs to be hooked up to diagnostic equipment like those found here at Honda of Morgan Hill.

These lights are indications from your car warning you that something is wrong, so we welcome you to call and schedule an appointment today before it gets any worse. Our factory-trained technicians here in our service center would be happy to help out.

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